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Business travel involves the movement of employees or professionals from one location to another for work-related purposes. It encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at facilitating efficient and productive business operations. This can include travel for meetings, conferences, training sessions, client visits, and other business-related engagements. Business travelers often require various services to ensure smooth and hassle-free trips, such as booking flights, arranging accommodations, coordinating ground transportation, obtaining necessary visas, and managing logistics for meetings and events.

In today’s globalized world, business travel plays a vital role in maintaining and expanding business connections, fostering collaboration, and exploring new opportunities across borders. It enables companies to establish a presence in different markets, strengthen relationships with clients and partners, and stay updated on industry trends and developments. With the right support and services in place, business travel becomes more than just a means to reach destinations—it becomes a strategic tool for growth and success in the competitive business landscape.

Core values: guiding principles of our company.


We are dedicated to effectively integrating clients into our system, fostering a synergized relationship that guarantees a seamless workflow with minimal disruptions or inconsistencies.


Our teams have completed comprehensive training programs to adeptly engage with You while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, while our offerings embody our distinctive professional identity.


Our philosophy revolves around placing the client at the core of our interactions; we adapt and deliver personalized services, ensuring that our clients can concentrate solely on their business matters.


We are dedicated to sustainable growth, strategically balancing economic success with environmental and social responsibility for a positive, long-term impact.

Business Travel Services Overview

Extensive Range of Services Included in Our Business Travel Package

International and Domestic Airline Tickets

Accommodation Booking Services

Transportation and Tour Solutions

Visa Support

Meetings and Events Management

Premier Hospitality Services

always ready to adapt as your business needs

We recognize that clients may have their own policies and procedures. Our primary approach is to collaborate and adapt to our clients’ needs, ensuring our service aligns with their expectations.

  • Review company travel policies for alignment.

  • Ensure effective team training for your needs.

  • Maintain strict documentation for seamless service.

  • On-site ticketing consultant support available on request.

Beyond Services

Value-added solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Tailored Guidance: Your Dedicated Travel Consultant

Our clients enjoy a dedicated consultant, a single point of contact for all business travel needs. This ensures personalized service, tailoring every aspect to individual preferences. Streamlined communication guarantees efficiency throughout the travel process.

Always at Your Service: Our 24/7 Emergency Support

Our commitment to travelers goes beyond regular hours with our 24/7 emergency support. Our dedicated team stands ready around the clock, offering immediate assistance to bring peace of mind to travelers facing unforeseen situations. Whether it’s flight disruptions, accommodation issues, or unexpected challenges, our continuous support ensures travelers feel secure and well-supported at any time.

Personalized Travel through Client Profile Management

We prioritize personalizing every travel experience through our client profile management. Our dedicated team ensures that each individual traveler’s profile is not only created but also consistently maintained and updated. By capturing personal information, preferences, and specific demands, we guarantee a seamless and tailored travel experience that exceeds expectations.

Exclusive Corporate Deals and Discounted Rates

Our extensive network is the cornerstone of exclusive corporate benefits. By fostering robust relationships with airlines, hotels, ministries, and airport service providers, we ensure privileged access to corporate deals and discounted rates. This strategic positioning also allows us to extend net rates for VAT-exempted companies, offering unparalleled advantages for our corporate clientele.

Smart Financial Insights: Expense Consultancy and Analysis

Our seasoned team of experts goes beyond conventional travel services to deliver strategic financial insights. By providing comprehensive consultancy and analysis reports, we empower clients to optimize travel budgets and streamline expenses effectively. Our commitment lies in offering actionable recommendations, ensuring that every journey aligns with financial goals and maximizes value for our clients.

Advanced Client Tracking with ISOS/IJET Security Systems

At AIT, the safety of our travelers is paramount, and we deploy cutting-edge security systems to ensure their well-being. Through the integration of ISOS, IJET, and Anvil security systems, we provide real-time tracking capabilities globally, allowing us to proactively monitor and respond to potential risks. We prioritize the implementation of these systems when available through our clients’ agreements, ensuring that our proactive real-time tracking and support align seamlessly with their specific safety protocols and requirements worldwide.

Strategic Partnerships with Airlines and Hotels for Optimal Corporate Travel Solutions

AIT LLC has extensive market experience and over time has developed exceptional relationships with airlines, hotels and other travel related suppliers. Our longstanding expertise enables us to negotiate the most favorable corporate fares, catering to the evolving demands of our growing client base. This commitment to building strong partnerships ensures our clients receive unparalleled value and service in the realm of corporate travel.

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